meet the weas dev team

we work hard to keep it simple

Weas Development, founded in 1997, is a real estate development and asset/property management company driven by a simple idea. At Weas, simple doesn’t mean easy; and simple certainly doesn’t mean basic. For us, simple means we focus on what we know best, then team with first class professionals to deliver a complete project. Our expertise has generated 2.2 million total completed square feet of real estate, and over $330 million in development value. For us and our partners – simple works.

Doug is a multi-faceted professional whose leadership forms the base for our hallmark innovation, synergy, and commitment to quality.

His experience includes principal roles at two of Wisconsin’s largest general contracting firms and over two million square feet in completed development.

Doug Weas

Founder & Principal

Nichole’s depth of knowledge includes every aspect of the development cycle, from entitlement to site management.

Since 2001 her drive, energy, and resourcefulness have contributed to Weas Development’s overall success.

nichole miezin

development coordinator

Connor’s well-rounded background in Real Estate, Sales & Project Management has given him the adaptability to work on all things from Brokerage to Development Planning.

His critical thinking, interpersonal skills and passion make him a valuable asset to the Weas Dev Team.

Connor Weas